• Max Adams & Pumpkin the Dog, Austin Texas, photo by ChesherCat
  • Screenwriter Max Adams, photo by John Allen, Austin Texas June 2016


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AFW Online Screenwriting Courses, Workshops, and Classes


The Academy of Film Writing [AFW] is an online writing school founded by author and award winning screenwriter Max Adams to support her students in their writing and career aspirations and goals. More info


Screenwriter Max Adams, photo by John Allen

Max Adams

Max Adams has worked with Columbia Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Tri-Star Pictures on myriad projects “in development.” And is now lobbying her congressman for a “return of fire” medal [something sparkley would be nice].

Max’s Austin Film Festival winning spec, Excess Baggage, was released in 1997, amid much arbitration frenzy. Her adaptation, The Ladykillers, was released in 2004 [and she lost the damn arbitration on that one]. One For The Money in 2012. [Another day, another arbitration.]

She is the founder of two international online screenwriting groups, is a former AFI Alumni reader and WGA online mentor, is a recipient of the University of Utah College of Fine Arts Distinguished Alumni Award, reads and judges for various international competitions when she can make time, occasionally appears in mostly uncredited comic cameo spots, and is the founder of The Academy of Film Writing.

Max’s non-filmic writing credits include journalism, short fiction, essays, theatre, humor, and radio. She is the author of The New Screenwriter’s Survival Guide – and has an almost criminal love of shoes.


Max is a member of WGAw and is represented by Harley Copen at ICM.